Saturday, 1 June 2013

My UK Vegan Essentials

Today's post is about some of my vegan essentials, I'd recommend these for anyone transitioning to a vegan diet.  First up is milk.  Soy milk has been around for ages but I'm not a huge fan of the taste.  The unsweetened versions are ok but my favourite milk replacement is coconut milk.  I don't mean the thick, fat laden tinned stuff you use in curries (although that is nice too!).  For about the last year and a half I've been getting Koko (previously Kara) coconut milk.  I wish they would call it something else though as I always feel the need to distinguish between the fattier stuff and this.  Recently Tesco has brought our their own version and as it's about 10p cheaper I'm getting that now instead!  You can find both of these in the fridge section of the supermarket.  You can sometimes find them with the UHT milks too.

There are loads of other alternatives to milk so it's worth trying them until you find the one you like best.  I've definitely found mine.

My favourite butter is the Vitalite Dairy Free spread.  It's really good, tastes just like any other margarine.  It's great for toast, sandwiches, cooking and anything else you might like to slather butter on!  Ooh baked potatoes!  I used to buy Pure Soy or Pure Sunflower spread but they did have a different taste to them.  My MEB (meat-eating boyfriend) uses this now as well as he can't tell the difference and it just makes life that little bit easier to have one butter in the fridge instead of two ;)

A couple of meat replacements now.  Not for everyone but I like chips with sausage and burgers with sweet potato fries!  Linda McCartney sausages can always be found in my freezer, they're a perfect quick dinner option.  They make a mean sausage sarnie too.  The Linda McCartney sausage rolls are ridiculously good!  I was so surprised when I found out these were vegan.  They're usually about £1.50 for 6 so I recommend you treat yourself to some :)  The Chargrill Style Burger mix is great too.  My MEB likes to eat these and gives them the thumbs up which I always think is praise indeed.  You can either fry or grill them, I find them better when grilled but I chuck loads of fried onions on top.  Yum yum!

I usually get the Tesco Meat Free Mince and that is perfect for making chilli's, spaghetti bolognese, shepherds pie, burrito's, taco's etc.  It's great.  I would share a picture but it would seem it's been recalled recently....I can't find an answer as to why yet so not sure what is going on.  I will let you know when I find out though.  I think the Asda Meat Free Mince may have also been recalled as they didn't have any either.  That's also a great mince.....when you can get it.

The best chicken style pieces I have found are at Asda, I haven't found any other vegan ones other than at Holland and Barrett and they are very expensive.  The Asda ones taste better too.  I haven't got a pic of these as my local Asda doesn't sell them.  I need to take a trip to Wisbech and stock up on those bad boys!!  They're perfect for curries, fajita's and everything else chicken styled.

That's it for now, I'll do another post shortly on some other good UK Vegan finds.  I hope you find it helpful and please let me know if there are any good finds you can recommend!  Before I go, here's a little picture I took whilst at Hunstanton on Friday......I think I found where the sun went!  It was behind this tree!!

It was nice while it lasted :)

Lana x


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    1. I'll see your mmmmmm and raise you a yum!!!! ;)

  2. Oooh the tree pic is really pretty. The buttered toast looks perfect and the sausage rolls sound really interesting and look good. The price looks even better. We don't have any of those brands here but I bet there are comparable products. I enjoy coconut milk but favor almond milk. So good.

    1. Thank you :) I'm quite surprised you don't get Linda McCartney stuff over there, I'd have thought it would go down well. I like almond milk too but it has to be the unsweetened version for me. They like sticking sugar in it!!

  3. It's fun to see what sort of stuff they've got over in England. I'm with Shen - buttered toast will do it for me anytime. Usually with jam.

    1. Nom Nom Nom! Buttered toast or crumpets!! Crumpets, butter and jam are so good, I can't have them in the house because of my lack of will power!! :)